Communication and Art

Here a carpeted board has been added to the armrests of a child’s walker.  This encourages them to keep their head up and to communicate with people they see while moving about the school.  The communication button is velcroed onto the carpet and can be moved to a convenient spot for the user.

This is a folding communication board/bookstand.  It is covered in carpet to be velcro friendly.  It can be used as a bookstand to raise the work up for the student to encourage posture.  It can also be used as a communication board with velcroed pic syms or photos and as a stand to hold other communication boards.

In the back is a pic sym stand made from plastic wood so it is fully washable.  In the front (both) is a pic sym strip with a handle on the back.  This makes it portable, easy to use at circle time and also acts as a stand when you set it down.

This is a portable communication board with a handle, covered on both sides with burfab (velcro friendly material).  It is light weight and can be carried by a child if need be to keep communication or schedules close at hand.

This is an adapted paint shooter.  It is one of those mega water guns, disguised, as no guns are allowed in school.  It was one that ran from batteries and you don’t have to manually pump it.  I adapted it for use with a single switch and mounted it on a lazy susan so it can move easily back and forth.  This one has canisters you can prefill so they can be filled with different colour paints and switched out.  With 2 kids, one who can only access a switch and one who can move it back and forth, this picture was created on a huge canvas and will be part of the art sale at Holland Bloorview in the fall.  It will be used to raise money for the art programme here and towards the Infinity Lab installation at Sunny View.


About toydoctor

I design and build custom (and sometimes not so custom) adaptive equipment for children with physical and cognitive disabilities. I am passionate about what I do and needed to find a way to share it with the people I do it for.
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