Adapted musical instruments

These instruments have been adapted for use on a wheelchair tray.  The upper wood bar is removable to drum on the lower bar or the upper instrument.  This would be good for a student who may only have the use of one hand and is unable to hold the instrument with the other hand.

These are some more instruments adapted for use on a wheelchair tray.  The stick to strike them with is in a clear plastic tube on the right side and is held onto the board by a ribbon.

A guitar mounted at a slight angle for wheelchair or tabletop use.

A mounted tambourine that can be turned vertical or horizontal depending on the ability of the student to move their arms.

One of my early mounted musical instrument boards.  I have now learned that if you mount them on a board that stands up like this, the kids can’t see over the board.  So newer ones are lower or on a slant and include a base that can be clamped onto a tray or table.  This one was fun though because it had so much going on.  The top right corner makes a great sound when you slide the drumstick over it.  The kids love the bell and the dog chain makes a great rattling sound.


About toydoctor

I design and build custom (and sometimes not so custom) adaptive equipment for children with physical and cognitive disabilities. I am passionate about what I do and needed to find a way to share it with the people I do it for.
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