Marker holders and adapted paint brushes

For lots of our kids, holding a marker in their hand and drawing is not an option.  Hand over hand has become the norm.  These 2 marker holders give some independence to students by enabling them to move a marker around a page.

This one is made from an old computer mouse.  I have taken out the insides and inserted a burfab (velcro friendly material) band.  The students hand is placed on the mouse and the band is closed over their hand and velcroed snuggly.  Once they have chosen their colour of marker,  it can be inserted into the holder on the front of the mouse.  They can now slide it around the page.

This marker holder is made from plexi glass and lifted up off the page with 4 small legs.  The marker is inserted into the holder and it can be knocked or slid around the page.  For some students, this will be the first time they have independently made a mark on a page.

These paint brush holders have been made with a ball grip and a T grip to make them easier for a child to grasp.  I cut the paint brushes off short to make them easier to use.  The paint brushes can be removed for easy cleaning or to change the colour of the paint being used.


About toydoctor

I design and build custom (and sometimes not so custom) adaptive equipment for children with physical and cognitive disabilities. I am passionate about what I do and needed to find a way to share it with the people I do it for.
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